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Don’t Let Fears Of COVID-19 Stop Your Patients’ Next Visit


Since 2020, with the outbreak of coronavirus, patients have been faced with uncertainty and fear of their well-being. This was due to the difficulties that came with accessing essential services such as dentistry. In addition to these difficulties, there was a constant underlying fear of potentially catching the virus when accessing essential services.

Due to this fear, many patients have not visited their dentist for their regular dental check-up and hygiene appointments. However, dental hygiene is extremely important to our overall health and it cannot be ignored for too long.

Dental services, such as SQ Dental Training, are ensuring your patients have a safe return to your dental office, with all new protocols, extra safety precautions and COVID19 screening.

A Safe Visit

SQ Dental Services helps dental offices assure a safe visit and experience for all, especially during this Pandemic. Here are some of the many examples of protocols that are being taken:

  • Spaced out appointments and seating

  • COVID19 screening before and upon arrival

  • Temperature check with thermometer

  • Face covering - staff and patients

  • Waiting area not open to everyone

  • Disinfection protocols for operatories

  • Monitored reprocessing of patient instruments

  • Required Personal Protective Equipment worn for specific dental procedures

SQ Dental is equipped in Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) protocols, which ensures that in accordance with Health Canada standards and provincial regulations, all staff members will be universally trained on policies and procedures for IPAC in your dental office. SQ Dental also provides you with a customized Policy and Procedure IPAC manual.

A “Safe Practice is a Happy Practice”.

Let you patients know what you are doing to make your office as safe as can be for their essential dental appointments.

Do not wait any longer. Book your office compliance training with SQ Dental TODAY!

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