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About SQ Dental Services:

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"Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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Susan McGuireCDIPC

Professional Consultant and Trainer
Certified WHMIS Trainer, CDA Level II, Certificate in Medical Device Reprocessing.

Susan McGuire is an experienced Dental Consultant and Trainer. She is an expert at coaching and training staff to keep them up to date on specific and important areas of Regulatory Compliance.
Susan has worked for 20 plus years in the Dental field as a Dental Healthcare Professional, Dental Manufacturing Rep, and Consultant.

By taking a streamlined and practical approach to educating Dental Health Care Professionals, she succeeds in ensuring operational excellence in their practice.

Oral  Health Article: By Susan McGuire

Key Components to a Comprehensive IPAC Plan

SQ Dental Services specializes in Consulting within the dental industry. Our services focus on best Infection Prevention, Health and Safety Protocols with an emphasis on our clients’ needs. We recognize the importance of the work you do, and want to help you do it safely.  Health care associated infections can have a devastating effect on patients and health care systems, and with good infection prevention and control practices, you can work towards protecting your staff, patients, and community.

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Services We Offer

In-Office or Online Training

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Take advantage of our succinct and comprehensive formal training tools designed to protect your practice. These services will ensure you and your staff comply with Health Canada standards and Provincial Regulations.

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Employee Policy Handbook and Customized Job Descriptions

Be compliant with the Employment Standards Association (ESA)

Our materials have been created with the input of other professionals, including legal counsel. Get Started Today!

Infection Prevention and Control

Spread Smiles not Contagions

In accordance with Health Canada standards and provincial regulations, all staff members must be trained on policies and procedures for Infection Control in your dental office along with having an Infection Control Manual onsite.

Contact us for more information.

Health and Safety Program

A Safe Practice is a Secure Practice

In accordance with the Ministry of Labour, All dental offices must have a Health and Safety Program in place along with staff training and an on-site Health and Safety Manual. 

Contact us for more information.


WHMIS Training

Work Safely with Hazardous Materials

In accordance with the Ministry of Labour, all staff members must be trained on the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. This now includes the new Globally Harmonized System. 

WHMIS certificates are provided.

Contact us for more information.

AODA Standards Training

Meet Standards of Excellence

for Special Patients and Employees

In accordance with the Ministry of Labour, it is now mandatory that all staff are trained on the Standards of Care and Hiring for Ontarians with Disabilities.

Contact us for more information..

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